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garfield-cheetahsIntroducing the

Cheetah Book Club!

The Garfield Elementary Library is proud to offer the Cheetah Book Club. This program is a great way to recognize your child’s birthday, a holiday, life event, or just for fun day AND help fill the school’s library with books.  What could be better than that?!



How it works:

  • Select the book you want to donate to the school library. The library has a wish-list you can find HERE.
  • Decide what message you want included on your customized bookplate.
  • Purchase your book from the store of your choice (we recommend Orca Books in downtown Olympia) and either deliver it to the school office to be placed in Ms. Beattie’s mailbox (include a note with your personalized message for the bookplate), bring it into the library for Ms. Beattie, or have it shipped directly to Garfield Library (the Amazon wish-list is set up to do this automatically).

Your participation in Cheetah Book Club will be acknowledged in two ways:

  1. With a customized bookplate in your selected book.
  2. Your selected book officially debuted during your child’s scheduled library time. Plus, your child has the opportunity to be the first person to check it out.

Instructions for ordering a book online and having it shipped directly to Garfield:

  • Consider ordering from our Amazon Wish-list, which includes books that have been hand-selected by our school librarian, Ms. Beattie.
  • Be sure to include a gift message when you check out. This message should include your child’s full name and the personalized message you want included on the bookplate.
  • Ship the book to: Garfield Elementary Library, 325 Plymouth St. NW, Olympia, WA 98502

We hope you consider joining Garfield’s Cheetah Book Club! This lasting gift is a wonderful way to commemorate your child, help foster their love of reading, and support our school library for years to come.


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