It’s been a great month back in the library after a nice, long winter break!  For most grade levels, much of January was about research!  Kindergarten through third grade listened to two of the nominees for the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Awards

Little Dog Lost by Monica Carnesi

Little Dog Lost by Monica Carnesi

(WCCPBA): Toys in Space and  Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic.  Second and third grade were led in a “mini-research” project to answer the question “Who is Baltic the Sea Dog?”  They learned that when trying to answer questions such as this it’s important to look for information in more than one place.  We demonstrated this by taking notes on both the book Little Dog Lost and a news video from 2011 detailing the Baltic’s miraculous rescue.  We then discussed how we added much more to our knowledge of Baltic by looking at a secondary source, the video.

Fourth graders began conducting research on U.S. Presidents in honor of Presidents’ Day.  They started by brainstorming a list of facts about U.S. Presidents.  Some of the “facts” included: George Washington had red hair and Thomas Jefferson invented macaroni and cheese.  We then highlighted any facts we thought were certainly untrue (pink) or possibly untrue (yellow).  Students were then asked to select three facts from the list to research: 1 seemingly true fact, 1 possibly untrue fact, and 1 certainly untrue.  As students began looking in books and on search engines, they uncovered the truth about many of their ideas including that our first president was, indeed, a red-head and that Jefferson did NOT actually invent macaroni and cheese, but did help to introduce it to the United States!  Moving forward, students will be asked to start defending their resources as they learn that not everything they read on the internet is useful or even accurate.

Speaking of which, Fifth graders have been learning about how to find the good stuff on the internet as they research explorers!  They learned that books are more reliable than the internet because they go through a strict editing process.  We started to explore the subscription database, World Book, and some subject indexes like Fact Monster.  These kinds of internet resources are far more reliable than simply using search engines because the information is reviewed by professionals.


February is Library Lovers’ Month!  Did you know that many famous figures throughout history have been serious library lovers?  Here are a few “Love Letters to Libraries” to inspire you to be passionate about the library, too:









Hey teachers!  Want to create a launchpad for some of the important websites you use in your classroom?  Check out 3x3Links.  It’s a “minimalist, shareable internet start page.”  See an example of a set of library links for K-1 Students here.


Black History Month

Library Lovers’ Month

Groundhog Day (Feb. 2)

International Friendship Week (Feb. 9-13)

Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)

President’s Day (Feb. 16)

Pluto Day (Feb. 18)

Chinese New Year (begins Feb. 19)

National Bacon Day (Feb. 26)

Read Me Day (Feb. 27)

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